Learning Programme

A unique part of St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School’s commitment to maximising every child’s potential, is the way in which we describe what the children learn, these are called learning programmes. Learning programmes contain a summary of all the work that takes place at SRG and provides parents with a week by week guide to what goes on in the classroom and crucially how parents can help their child make the most of their time at school.

The school year is 190 days long, which is the equivalent of 38 working weeks, therefore the curriculum for each pupil can be effectively planned, delivered and monitored. We do this at SRG by splitting the 38 working weeks into 6 units of work, each of six weeks in length. Another week is devoted to a cross-curricular theme week and the final week of the 38 will be devoted to target setting for your child.

 Unit 1  1/1  1/2  1/3  1/4  1/5  1/6  6 Weeks
 Unit 2  2/1  2/2  2/3  2/4  2/5  2/6  6 Weeks
 Unit 3  3/1  3/2  3/3  3/4  3/5  3/6  6 Weeks
 Unit 4  4/1  4/2  4/3  4/4  4/5  4/6  6 Weeks
 Unit 5  5/1  5/2  5/3  5/4  5/5  5/6  6 Weeks
 Unit 6  6/1  6/2  6/3 6/4  6/5  6/6  6 Weeks

At the beginning of each unit every pupil and parent will receive a learning programme from each subject area for that unit.The learning programme will contain the following;·A summary of the work to take place during that unit; A more detailed description of the work that is planned for each week; At the end of each unit every pupil and parent will be able to see what progress has been made, matched against the initial learning objectives. Pupils and parents will be able to see how their progress links to national curriculum and GCSE levels, once per term when you will receive a report. These assessments by teachers will hopefully provide you with an overview of where best to assist your child with their learning.

Find below four links to our learning environment resources: Moodle, Sam Learning, KS3 Bitesize, KS4 Bitesize & KS5 Bitesize.

                         SRG Moodle                    Sam Learning Link                 BBC Bitesize KS3                  GCSE Bitesize                      KS5 Bitesize