Adverse Weather and Other Emergencies Affecting School Transport - Information for Parents

Adverse Weather


It is appropriate at this time of year to remind you about procedures which should be in place in the event of adverse weather and other emergencies affecting school transport. The decision to close the school is bound by complexity and is only taken by the Headteacher as a last resort, to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff.

It is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements for your child/children in case they are not able to get to school or have to be sent home. It is not for us to tell you how to organise these arrangements, but your child must follow what you have told them for their safety and well-being. A fully-charged mobile telephone and enough credit, together with some money, are among the essentials in case they get stranded.

First, you should check the School Website There is an Emergency Closures Icon on the SRG home page; when pressed it will which will take you via a link to Flintshire County Council’s website which will give you details about the current state of school opening. If it says ‘Fully Closed’ it will say why. You do not need to do anything else from a school perspective, you do not need to phone to clarify. Sometimes there will be instructions, e.g. 6th Form examinations go ahead as planned, in which case those students will have to make their way into school as best they are able or contact the school to get advice. Contact details of Flintshire’s School Transport Team are also in the same section.

We have provided an additional information sheet with all the relevant sources you might wish to contact for further clarification. Calling the school should only be done as a last resort (as in the example about examinations) to avoid blocking the phone lines. If staff have not arrived in sufficient numbers to operate the phones an automated reply will be recorded.

Decisions about exactly when to close the school are always taken carefully. Sometimes the decision will be made when students are already on their way, in which case buses shall be turned back. The decision to close the school might be made at any time during the school day either because of weather emergency or another serious health and safety reason e.g. failure of heating system, gas leak or electrical failure etc.

If the school is to close during the school day IT IS VITAL WE CONTACT YOU. Contact details and telephone numbers often change. Please make sure you let us have any new details immediately they change, and please send an update on the form attached even if you think they are right so we can check them against our records. We always need to have this information in case of any emergency affecting your child.

When adverse weather hits us we are in constant contact with the Bus Companies and Taxi Services. If students have made their way to bus stops before information has been shared about problems, they should wait for 20 minutes after the normal pick-up time. Should the bus fail to arrive, they should follow the alternative arrangements made for them by their parents.